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I’ve noticed that as I am adding on the years, I’m losing some of the strength I use to have.  As I jump into construction projects in the morning, I’m gung ho and driving those screws in with my regular Ryobi drill.  Toward the end of the day or the project, I find that those same screws aren’t going in as easy as they were or as clean as they had earlier.  Have you experienced this? Building wood projects should be fun.  If it isn’t, why am I doing it?

Construction isn’t so much fun when the oomph is gone from behind the drill.   When it gets harder to get those screws in – especially long deck screws or lag bolts – I’ve got a problem.  The answer to my problem is one of my #1 friends:  My Ryobi Impact Driver.

impact driver 1

Lordy girl, if you don’t have one of these you better put it on your Christmas Wish List or Birthday or Anniversary or Mother’s Day or just have an I Deserve This Tool Day and just go get it!

deserve this tool

This little fella only weighs 2 1/2 pounds.  It is lighter than the drill but delivers over 1500 pounds of torque to make our work so much easier.  The variable speed trigger helps in that ever awkward screw start up.  You know what I’m talking about – when you try to start those long deck screws and the screw falls over and the drill hits the board and the guys are looking at ya’ thinking “Yep, she’s a girl.”

The variable speed trigger delivers higher speed with increased trigger pressure and lower speed with decreased pressure.   Hold the impact driver with one hand and place the bit on the screw head and slowly depress the switch trigger to maintain control of the fastener (the screw or carriage bolt).  As the screw begins to bite into the wood, increase the pressure on the trigger and impacting will begin.  You’ll hear a whistling or ringing noise coming from the driver but this is normal.

impact driver  trigger



There is an on-board storage for bits and an Auto-Load Chuck which makes for easy, one handed bit changes.  To install bits, lock the switch trigger, push the bit into the coupler until it clicks into place.  Pull on the bit to make sure it is secure in the coupler.  To remove bits, again lock the switch trigger and with the nose of the Impact Driver away from you, just pull the coupler away from the Driver and the bit will eject itself.

bit storage and auto chuck

The Tri-Beam LED lights eliminate shadows on bits and screws which is WONDERFUL for these older eyes!  The lights illuminate as the trigger is depressed. There is also an exclusive Mag Tray magnetic holder to keep your screws within easy reach.

I’ve got to warn you of the power of this tool.  Remember, it is called an Impact Driver.  It does just that!  It does not replace your regular drill for everyday and smaller screws.  Continue to use that drill for those applications.  Your new Ryobi Impact Driver will send smaller screws out the other end of your board if you aren’t careful – not really but pretty close. There is so much power in the Impact Driver that 4″ deck screws will go through treated lumber like a hot knife in butter.  No exaggeration here.  You’ll need to practice on some scrap wood to get a good feel of the Impact Driver before you start on your project.

bolts and screws

The Impact Driver is intended for driving long screws and carriage bolts into wood and driving Tapcon® screws into block walls and concrete and driving screws into metal studs.

The Ryobi Impact Driver is part of the ONE+ System and uses the same 18V ONE+ battery as the other tools such as the drill, cat sander, circular and reciprocating saws and many more Ryobi power tools.  This includes the Ni-Cd batteries, Lithium batteries and the Lithium+.  Ryobi tools are exclusive to Home Depot.  Shop Power Tools at The Home Depot!

ryobi tool display

Now don’t get the wrong idea that this Impact Driver is only for us older folks, I would have loved this tool 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. The power of this light weight tool, is perfect for the applications it was intended for.  If you’re building a deck or a porch or some other big projects, you will need a Ryobi Impact Driver.  It will make the job easier and completion quicker.  It’s light weight and the improved GripZone overmold that provides optimum grip and user comfort is the perfect tool for any age or size – woman or man.

With the battery being sold separate and if you own other Ryobi One+ tools, the Impact Driver is a very affordable must have power tool.   I guarantee, the first time you use it, you will be AMAZED!

impact driver

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    May 30, 2015    

    Ryobi makes the BEST tools!!!! Love and use mine all the time.
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