Hotwheels/Matchbox Car Clock

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Hotwheels/Matchbox Car Clock | Let’s Go Junking!

The grandsons have learned to tell time (still working on the concept of time though) .  We noticed that there was no clock in their room so what does a GREAT Grandma do?  Well of course, she makes them a clock.

Like most boys, they love their Hotwheels and Matchbox cars.  They spend hours lining them up and ‘driving” them all over the house.  I thought they would love a clock made out of some of their favorite toys.  Part of that thought was incorrect.  Yes, they would love a clock made out of their favorite toys BUT not THEIR cars.  To build this clock you will need 12 cars and Grandma had to buy 12 new cars because they wouldn’t let me have any of theirs.

If you have cars you can use (try to sneak a few out of their collection) this clock is pretty inexpensive to make.  I used a piece of scrap plywood that I had laying around and some 1X 4s that I already had.  I had to buy the cars and the clock parts.  I picked the clock parts up at Michael’s using a 40% coupon.

clock movement 1

The tools I needed were my Ryobi Circular Saw, Ryobi Corner Cat Sander, and my Ryobi Drill.  You’ll also need your paint, E6000, wood glue, and hangers.

some supplies 1

Cut the piece of plywood the size you want your clock.  Since mine was a piece of rough plywood, I used the Ryobi Sander to smooth all the edges and the face of the clock and then used a chip brush to make sure all the particles were removed.   To allow the clock to hang evenly on the wall you will need to compensate for the clock mechanism in the back.  I used a couple of 1 X 4s that I had and cut them to be glued to the top and bottom of the clock.  I used General Finishes Milk Paint in Basil to paint the clock face and the backs and sides of the 1X4s. back board 1

After the paint dries, you’ll need to drill the hole in the center of the clock face.  You don’t want the hole to be to big – you need a tight fit because you will be screwing the clock mechanism through the back of the clock.  For the clock movement kit I purchased, I used a 9/32″ drill bit.

screwing in clock part 1

After the clock mechanism is screwed through the back follow the instructions with your clock movement kit and complete installation by adding your clock hands.

upclose installed clock parts 1

Put the battery in to insure your clock is working correctly.

Grab your wood glue, 1X4s and clamps.  Apply wood glue as recommend by the manufacturer of the brand you have.  I used Elmer’s Wood Glue and applied glue to both the area of the back of the clock where the 1X4s will sit and on the 1X4s themselves.

glue back 2

Clamp them and wait for the glue to dry.  Elmer’s says that their glue needs to be clamped at least 30 minutes – I waited an hour before unclamping.

clamp picture 1

After unclamping the clock,  I recommend that you put your hangers on the back of the top 1X4.  The next step is to place the cars where you want them on the clock face.  After you have all the cars in place and you are happy with your selection, double check to make sure that they line up – across from each other.  I put 12 and 6 as if they were actually driving around the clock and then the other cars driving into the center of the clock.  Mark the center of each location so that the center of the car will be affixed correctly.

mark spots 1

I used E6000 on all four wheels of each car and placed them appropriately.  Be very careful when you glue your cars, that you stay aligned with it’s corresponding partner.   Let the E6000 dry completely before picking up your clock or the cars can slide.

Remember earlier, when I told you to make sure your cars were aligned – Notice my 3 & 9 are off.  BUT that’s what makes it special and unique.  The boys love their new clock.

finished clock 1

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