Painting With The HomeRight Paint Stick

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When the hot water heater flooded my craft room and sewing room, I tried to find the silver lining in the mess.

craft room floor

The sewing room was dark and no matter how many lights I turned on in there it was still hard to see.  I knew that I needed to paint the walls bright white to help these old eyes see better but I just didn’t want to move all the stuff out so that I could paint.  Well, now that everything was packed up and out, it was the perfect time to paint the walls.

original color

And since the floor was gone too – why not get those walls bright white before I put in the new flooring.

HomeRight had provided one of their PaintSticks for me to try out and this was the perfect opportunity to get this job done.  My hope was that with using the PaintStick I could get this job done quick and with less mess than using the standard roller.

058 (2)

The HomeRight PaintStick is advertised to “Paint your interior walls and ceilings in 1/3 the time without the mess that comes with traditional trays and rollers.”

I wasn’t disappointed!

It is easy to assemble and easy to use.  There is a slight learning curve but you’ll get the hang of it really quick.

064 (2)

There are no trays needed.  Just put the fill port in you paint can.

059 (2)

Then attach the stick to the fill port.  Pull back and fill the stick and magically – you can have paint on the walls in minutes.

061 (2)

When you first use the stick you will need to make sure you have pushed enough paint through to saturate the roller cover.

If you are getting dots on the wall when you are painting then you don’t have enough paint on the roller.

065 (2)

066 (2)

If you find that you are just sliding over the wall and not rolling – then you have too much paint on the roller.

This is where the learning curve comes in.  You have to get the right amount of paint on the roller and the right amount of pressure on the stick.  Don’t give up if you don’t get it right the first couple of passes.  It’s like anything else – it takes a little practice to get it right!

068 (2)

You still will have to “cut-in” your room before you start using your PaintStick.  All this means is that you’ll still need a good brush to paint all the edges of the room.

052 (2)

Not only is there no need for trays there is also no need for ladders.  The handle easily extends to reach from floor to ceiling (for normal walls) – no ladders or stepstools.

072 (2)

I had this room painted in no time.  I did have to put two coats on the wall because of the initial dark color but using the HomeRight PaintStick made the job quick!

Cleanup is a breeze as well.  Push any unused paint out of the stick back into your can – Yeah! No Waste!

067 (2)

Remove the fill port from your paint can.  Clean it with warm water.  Disassamble the PaintStick, following the instructions and again clean with warm water.  Using latex paint, I was surprised at how well the clean up went.  Honestly, I was thinking, I will probably just through this thing away because it was going to be so hard to clean.  I was WRONG!  It was easy and my PaintStick is waiting for our next project.

Here on some great tips for painting with the PaintStick that I found over at Home Depot.  Read these!  It will save you a little frustration and make your painting quick and easy.

Tips for Painting with the PaintStick

• Inspect roller cover for lint before painting. If needed wash before using.

• When using the PaintStick for the first paint application, it will take most of the

paint in the PaintStick tube to saturate the roller cover.

• Keep roller moving while pushing inner handle in to prevent dripping.

• Stop pushing inner handle in if the roller starts to skid or slide.

• When painting in tight areas partially fill PaintStick. This reduces overall length

of PaintStick.

• When leaving PaintStick unattended for a longer period of time wrap roller cover

in a plastic bag.

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