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Awesome Things Tuesdays – #92


Ya’ know you want to share it…..I’ve been a real party joiner lately.  What better way to meet people than to party – RIGHT?  Here, at Awesome Things Tuesday I’m helping you meet some of my very dear blogging friends.  And trust me – these are real people.   I personally know every one of them.  We’ve […]

Painting With The HomeRight Paint Stick

Painting With The HomeRight Paint Stick

Ya’ know you want to share it…..When the hot water heater flooded my craft room and sewing room, I tried to find the silver lining in the mess. The sewing room was dark and no matter how many lights I turned on in there it was still hard to see.  I knew that I needed […]

National Black Cow Day

National Black Cow Day

Ya’ know you want to share it…..No, today isn’t celebrating Angus or Limousin or Welsh Black cows.  All though, they are all very nice breeds of cows. Today is about celebrating those cold fountain drinks we all had as kids.  Today is the day to slip back in time and make yourself a Black Cow. […]

Fresh Pepper Salad


Ya’ know you want to share it…..A great light side dish!  A little sweet – a little tangy!  Quick and easy to make. Save Print Fresh Pepper Salad Recipe type: Side Dish Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  5 mins Total time:  20 mins Serves: 8 servings   Colorful, Fresh, Light, Sweet, Tangy. Your family or guests […]

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tracey head shotHowdy! I'm Tracey. You never know what you might find going on here. We could be crafting, reading, gardening, cooking, laughing, playing or just out having a good time with family and friends. Come join me as I am "Living Unfocused"..

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