What I Learned Today – Day 8

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I’ve been working on learning more about how social media can grow my blog.  It definitely gets harder to teach that dog (or least this old dog) new tricks as we get older but I have faith that it can be done.

Instagram is still a mystery to me.  It has all those beautiful (and many more ridiculous) pictures on it.   And then – all of those hashtags.  # # # # # #


Claire at The Simply Sweet Life had a very helpful post to help with my Instagram Training.  She takes a bit of the mystery out of Instagram and then gives a list of the top Food Hashtags.  Gotta have those hashtags to get noticed.

Here’s a couple of those magically hashtags but you’ve gotta visit her blog to get ALL the great information that she has over there.  And don’t forget to grab a delicious recipe or two.

Use these #s for all those recipe photos:

#instagood   469M                  #food    197M                    #sweet        65.2M
#yummy    63.6M                    #instapic    61.9M             #yum        45.8M
#delicious   38.5M                  #fresh       34M                  #foodie     22.2M
#hungry    18.5M                    #homemade   18.5M         #foodgasm    12.9M

Thanks again Claire for your very helpful post.

So, what did you learn today?

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but you’re never too old to learn something new.  Join me tomorrow to see “What I Learned Today”.



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