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Day 6 – What I Learned Today


Ya’ know you want to share it…..  Worked with my Cricut Explore* today.  First thing that I can tell you is this, I do not like glitter! I cut out the gold glitter paper letters for Catherine’s Birthday Bunting.  There is glitter everywhere.  I made sure to clean my Cricut to remove all the loose glitter […]

Day 5 – What I Learned Today

1964 me tony daddy (2)

Ya’ know you want to share it…..Spent the day with my little brother today. We’re two years and four days apart. He’s my best friend!  Here we are in 1964 with our daddy.  Looks like it might have been Christmas or Thanksgiving at our Granny and Granddaddy’s house. My brother and I are always doing […]

Day 4 – What I Learned Today

Day 4 – What I Learned Today

Ya’ know you want to share it…..Today’s lesson is short and sweet but by remembering it you will save lots of time, money and frustration.  Just trust me on this one friends.  This is the voice of experience talking to you.     And if you want a great paint sprayer, try the HomeRight C800766 […]

Day 2 – What I Learned Today

catherine birthday invite

Ya’ know you want to share it…..Today’s lesson involves my Fun Fun Fun (yep, that’s right FUN), Cricut Explore. If you love paper (which I do) then you need one of these Fun (there it is again) machines. This is my machine. No, it doesn’t come with rhinoceros on it.  That was my very first Cricut […]

August 30 – Projects Anyone?

SundayRecapsLogo wtext

Ya’ know you want to share it…..Well ladies (and a couple of gents), what projects did you get accomplished this past week? The best thing that happened this week was “I Got My Suburban Back!”   Yeah.  It went from this To this Sad thing is that the kid that hit me had no insurance.  My […]

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